30 June 2008

30. Clouds in the sky

The forecast is for rain in the afternoon. It looks like it is on the way here.

29 June 2008

29. Tree in the field

This tree is at Forrest Hill NSW.

25 June 2008

25. Sun light behind a gum leaf

The sun was shining brightly through these leaves today.

24 June 2008

24. Galah in a gum tree

The galah was building a nest by chewing the wood. Stay tuned for further installments.

22 June 2008

22. cloudy sky

21. a mix of autunm colours

20. little swans on the pond

The cygnets are feeding with their mother by the edge by Dunlop Ponds.

19 June 2008

19. tree trunk

Picasso may have got his inspiration from nature.

18 June 2008

18. magpie

She was more interested in looking for food than having her photo taken, so would not stand still for me.

17 June 2008

17. Rose

The roses are still flowering.

16 June 2008

16. scanned photos

These photos have been scanned and are still on the desk.

13 June 2008

13. rain in the Brindabellas

The weather bureau forecast snow in the mountains today.

07 June 2008

7. Car Door

A car door at Coppins Crossing.

06 June 2008

6. Gum trees

These trees were the best photo I took today. Hopefully tomorrow I will take more photos to choose from.

05 June 2008

5. African Violet revisted

This time I used a tripod and the ISO was change from Auto to 800.

04 June 2008

4. A Magpie

This magpie stayed on the branch long enough for me to take several shots. (LTW-UC)

02 June 2008

2. The Lunch Time Path

The path I walked along at lunch time today at UC.

01 June 2008

1. Parchment Rose

The first photo of my Photo a Day journey. Today is the first day of Winter, here in Canberra, but my five rose bushes are still in flowers.